[ Monday, November 24, 2003
( Look alive there, on the fo'c'sle! )

I LIVE!!!!!!

And in my past life, I was a ship captain. No joke.
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[ Sunday, September 14, 2003
( Once Upon A Time... )

I won my box office bets with myself: for Friday, at least, OUaTiM is #1 and Pirates #5.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico majorly messed up my head. I'd say... I don't know... 7.9/10, and with the Depp Factor it'd reach 8.8/10 or something? (full chart here) Well, Agent Sands himself, God bless the dear chap, should be rated on a whole other plane, thus I can't really say for the film itself. But the soundtrack to this movie was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, and I don't see how I could survive a week without Spanish guitar music anymore. :P Plus half the movie was in Spanish, a nice complementary piece to my recent Spanish immersion session. ^_^

Agent Sands... tragic figure...

Agent Sands is my pet puppy. XD

Sorry Svet, for going without you, but impatience clouded my mind. ^_~ You can still go with Lari, if you somehow convince her to see an R-rated movie. LOL.

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[ Saturday, September 13, 2003
( A few good wishes )

Will say a belated


for yesterday, and a


for today, though not if he keeps letting in those goals. -_-
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[ Saturday, August 30, 2003
( Updates on my life )

My first week of Conservatoire classes just ended. It's all very strange. Both my classes last an hour and a half now, but what I'm most stressed about is the fact that Pierre has become A FORCE TO RECKON WITH. O_o He was playing during my lesson in the next room and since the acoustics really suck, we could hear him -- this is before his first class, remember -- and he sounded EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL. How much has he been practising this summer? T_T Then I asked him what pieces he was playing this year when my class was over and as usual, they're beyond gorgeous. Brahms, Rachmaninoff... I find it just a leetle bit unfair that my pieces haven't evolved at all this year. Granted, there was Chopin that I wanted to keep, and the necessary Bach, but the Beethoven sonata and Schumann concerto (and even Chopin study) are carbon copies of last year's program. >_<


The other news is that we are THREE in our theory class, because that is the number of people still in high school taking the class who can't come during the afternoon. (The other two people are both in sec. 5, needless to say. Arrrgh.) This means that I shall have to work very hard on my solfeges because there probably won't be much singing in pairs, LOL.

Nat: Yay for the red agenda! Red rocks! (Especially Canadian flag red, not that bright orangey sort...) And yay for M. Sarda! Boo for Safar, though. >_< I wonder about the religions teacher (not Marlene Sohier *again*, please... but not Cliche, either! @_@) and the English teacher?

Hmmm, no, won't be able to get my hands on the Metro paper. Do bring the cut to school, please. ^^ I wonder why he can't seem super evil... Maybe the coolness gets in the way. :P (But really, dear, you shouldn't worry about this movie. Johnny Depp wouldn't choose a bad, super stereotypical action script.)

It's freezing outside and my dad wants to go swimming.
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[ Thursday, August 21, 2003
( Annals of Lu-chan's swimming lessons, no. 2034 in a series )

Ugh. Ugh. Apparently my arms swim naturally in two different front crawl styles (my left does straight arm, my right bent arm). Quite a case scenario. Also, I am chronically unable to float on my back, or to tread water properly.

Watched Chocolat again on Sunday, and Original Sin on Monday, and Malèna yesterday. So, let me see.

Chocolat made my Film Festival come full circle, which is nice, and we ate chocolate during the commercial breaks. ^^

Call me crazy, but I liked Original Sin. As in, 3 1/2 star liked. It's funny how you forget how action movie stars can actually act. Such as Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie. Not that Original Sin is the best example for either of them (well, the truth is I haven't seen a great number of Antonio films, so possibly for him), but really, it was the acting that saved the movie which was otherwise laughingly melodramatic. The acting and the intensity of their eyes. :P

Malèna: I love Monica Bellucci. She is so gorgeous. The movie itself was sad, though, and thankfully! not centered on WWII in Italy. Sigh.

Although I am not a Colin Firth fan -- and I don't really get Colin Firth fans, but this might just be another case of Orlando Bloom, or rather vice versa, for me -- I have become a Bridget Jones fan, and a Mark Darcy fan. These books are priceless. Sense the sl0ring here. ^_^

Tomorrow will meet girls for musical reunion! Whee!
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